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What is Carlypso's 7-Day Return Policy?

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2016 04:05PM PDT
Carlypso is committed to delivering only the highest quality pre-owned vehicles. Our Experts search from over 50,000 vehicles to find the best one for you, so you can be as confident as we are that you will love your new ride. Our 7-day return policy means we stand by the quality of the vehicles we source for you, and if you find any major mechanical or cosmetic issue you can return it to us for a full refund. What does this mean exactly? Let's start with an overview we can all understand:

  • If you find any damage that costs less than $100 to repair, those repairs are your responsibility to cover if you feel necessary.
  • For damage/defects/issues costing more than $100 but less than $1500 to fix, Carlypso has the option to repair that for you.
  • For damage in excess of $1500, we take the car back immediately. We must have missed something, and that's on us.

For our full legal disclosure, the following is included in the Buyer's Agreement that all Carlypso customers sign online before purchasing a vehicle with us:

6. Vehicle Condition; Returns.


All vehicles offered on the Site are in used condition and will not be completely free from defects. However, Carlypso only offers vehicles which have been graded by an independent third party as having no material mechanical defects and no individual cosmetic flaw larger than approximately one (1) inch in diameter. You agree to inspect the Vehicle for cosmetic flaws upon delivery. In the event that you believe you have discovered: (i) cosmetic flaw larger than one (1) inch in diameter upon delivery of the Vehicle or (ii) a material mechanical defect within the seven(7) day period following delivery of the (either of the foregoing (i) or (ii), a “Covered Defect”) please contact us immediately at 888.308.7795. For the avoidance of doubt, any need to replace any part constituting a normal wear-and-tear item (e.g., wiper blades, brake pads and tires) does not constitute a “mechanical defect.” In the event you believe a Covered Defect exists, the Vehicle will be inspected by a third party mechanic selected by Carlypso (the “Mechanic”) whose determination of whether a Covered Defect exists will be dispositive. In the event the Mechanic determines that one or more Covered Defects exist, then: (1) if the Mechanic estimates that the total cost of repair for all Covered Defects is less than $100, then you are responsible for paying for such repair cost, (2) if the Mechanic estimates that the total cost of repair for all Covered Defects is at least $100 but less than $1,500, then Carlypso shall have such repairs performed at its own expense and (3) if the Mechanic estimates that the total cost of repair for all Covered Defects is $1,500 or more, then you can elect to either request Carlypso to have such repairs made at Carlypso’s expense or return the Vehicle to Carlypso and receive a full refund of all amounts paid, provided that if you request Carlypso to make such repairs then Carlypso shall have the option to require you to return the Vehicle to Carlypso and receive a full refund. Any costs associated with a return shipment of the Vehicle under this Section 6 shall be borne by Carlypso. If it is determined that a Vehicle is to be returned pursuant to this Section 6, you agree to immediately cease driving the Vehicle and cooperate with Carlypso to ensure that the Vehicle is shipped to a location designated by Carlypso within five (5) days of such determination, and agree that failure for the Vehicle to be shipped within such five (5) days due to any act or omission on your part shall give Carlypso the right to decline the return and refund. In no event will Carlypso be obligated to pay for any repairs performed by any third party not selected by Carlypso. Carlypso will have no obligations or liabilities under this Section 6 with respect to any cosmetic flaws not reported to Carlypso at the time of delivery or mechanical defects not reported to Carlypso within the seven (7) day period described above.

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